7 East Java Traditional Houses That Amaze You

East Java is the easternmost province on the island of Java. The capital city is Surabaya and has the second largest population after West Java. Well, like other regions in Indonesia, East Java also has its own customs, culture, and characteristics. One of them is in the traditional house. The shape and design of the traditional house of East Java …

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Get to Know 8 Airports in East Java

There are many types of transportation that you can use for traveling. Especially if the destination is in East Java, which is the largest province on the island of Java and has a variety of natural resources. Examples of transportation are motorbikes, cars, buses, trains, to airplanes. From the many transportation options, you can choose a practical and effective transportation, …

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10 Must-Visit Hotels in East Java

East Java Province is famous for its diverse and relaxing natural tourist destinations. This location is suitable for those of you who just want to take a temporary vacation and clear your mind at the weekend. Apart from its expansive nature, the history that every building around East Java has will make a Scarf Lover vacation even more enjoyable. Not …

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