10 Clean and Trusted Car Wash Services in Surabaya, East Java

Frequent use of the vehicle for a long time will make the vehicle dirty and dusty. Especially when it’s the rainy season, usually splashes of brown dirty water will stick to the car body. To clean it, of course, requires special effort and time to be really clean.

But you don’t need to worry if you are lazy to wash your own car, now there are many Surabaya car wash businesses circulating everywhere. Below are some cheap, clean and reliable car wash services.

Car Wash Surabaya

There are several car wash services in the city of Surabaya that are cheap, clean and also reliable. Instead of lingering, it’s better to just read the following information.

Firman Car & Motorcycle Wash

First, there is Firman car and motorbike washing, as the name implies, this Surabaya car wash service also serves motorbike washing. This car wash service is well known and frequented by customers.

Friendly and good service and satisfying results make customers do not hesitate to visit again if needed. In addition, the washing work is fast and can be waited on, and provides affordable prices for the community.

If you want to wash your car or motorbike without having to wash it yourself, you can come directly to this place. Because here all types of motorized vehicles and any car are served well and the results are clean.


Second, there is a car wash service called Mobiklin. This car wash service is based in Jakarta, and already has branches in Tangerang, Surabaya and Bandung. Mobiklin has advantages that other similar businesses may not have.

The advantages in question are fast service, professional and responsive employees, using premium soap and others. Customers can arrange a schedule in advance so they don’t have to bother waiting in long lines and car security is well maintained.

This Surabaya car wash service also provides a guarantee for washing back to its customers who have visited. Uniquely, this car wash service has several car wash packages at home that have competitive prices and are in accordance with the packages they offer.

K-One Community

K-One car wash service is located on Jl. Kalisari I No. 21, Genteng, Surabaya. If you are around this location and need to wash your car, you can directly visit this washing service. This washing service provides free mineral water for its customers.

The cheap price of around 35 thousand rupiahs is enough to get the washing results which are quite satisfactory. This value includes the car vacuum as well. The friendly and fast service makes customers don’t hesitate to come back to this Surabaya car wash service again.

This car wash is open every day from 08.30 am to 9 pm. You can come directly to the location or contact the contact in advance to arrange a schedule so you don’t have to queue in advance.

Lomo Car Wash

Lomo car wash is located on Jl. South Kutisari No. 111A, Surabaya. This car wash service serves a complete car wash, starting from washing foam snow, drying car windows and waxing. Of the three services, customers only need to pay 100 thousand rupiah.

The washing results are fairly clean and good. The process is fast and adapted to the customer’s waiting room. Immediately, you visit this Surabaya car wash service to its location or you can also contact the contact above first to be able to book independently.

Alexan Car Wash

Next is Alexan car wash, which is always open 24 hours a day. Customers can come anytime if they want to wash their car at this car wash service. Uniquely, this car wash is not like the usual car wash services in general.

Customers who want to wash their cars are required to wait on the roadside sidewalk that has been provided for seating. This is because this car wash is right in front of the Indonesian Post office building.

This Surabaya car wash service is quite reliable and provides a fairly cheap price, which is only around 30 thousand. The price includes car washing, tire polish, and cleaning facilities inside. You don’t have to worry about the results, because the washing results are quite satisfying.

Car Wash Surabaya Call

This car wash serves car washes either directly on the spot or on call to the house. Of course, with tools that are qualified and can clean your dirty car until it is clean again. This Surabaya car wash is open every day for 24 hours, you can come anytime.

You also don’t have to bother queuing for your car to be washed. Here, you can order a car wash through the application, then the workforce will come and wash your car right away.

The price is very affordable, which is around 35 thousand rupiah, you have got a clean and shiny car again. Not only that, even the car carpets are usually coated with new thick paper to prevent new dirt from sticking when just cleaned.

Wak Djoyo’s car wash

This car wash service is called Wak Djoyo car & motorcycle wash. Located on Jl. Raya Banjarsugihan No. 17B, Surabaya. This Surabaya car wash service is open every day for 24 hours, so if you want to wash your vehicle here you can come anytime.

The washing area is quite spacious which is located on the side of the road so it is quite easy to find for people who want to visit. Wak Djoyo’s car and motorbike washing service serves vehicle washing very well and is also friendly. In addition, the price is also right in the pockets of the general public.

You can choose a different car wash method, namely regular washing or hydraulic washing. The price for regular washing is around 35 thousand and hydraulic washing 45 thousand. Cheap enough for just 1 car wash.

Arlinta Snow Wash

Next is Arlinta Snow Wash, which is one of the 24-hour car wash services in Surabaya. Here, they serve a variety of car wash services, such as car salons, motorcycle washes, servicing, and oil changes. The service is good and the results are quite satisfactory.

Not only does it provide good service and friendly employees, but the prices offered are also pocket-friendly. The fast service during the day or night makes customers do not hesitate to come back to this Surabaya car wash service.

Another advantage that Arlinta Snow Wash has is renting a car. If you need a car to travel and don’t have one, you can rent a car at this place. You can come directly to the address listed, or call the phone number above to arrange a schedule for each other.

Car Wash Fleet

The next Surabaya car wash service is the car wash fleet. Fleet car wash is a car wash service in Surabaya which is open every day for 24 hours. A distinct advantage for this car wash service and customers because it can wash the car at any time.

The washing results are quite clean and good, the service is fast and the employees are friendly. The price of 35 thousand is the price given for car wash services including interior vacuum and tire polish. The car wash area is also spacious with a waiting area.

You can really come bring your car to this place on Jl. Pandegling No.115, Surabaya. If you don’t want to queue, you can book in advance by calling the available phone number.

Anugerah Mandiri

The last Surabaya car wash is Anugerah Mandiri. Here not only serve car wash services, but also motorbikes can be washed here. The service is quite good and the employees are friendly.

The price given is not so expensive, although there are some spots that are less clean. However, you don’t need to worry because this car wash serves other car wash services. Other car washes such as regular washing, complete washing and also interior vacuums can be obtained by customers. You can come directly to the location where this car wash is located, which is on Jl. Patemon I No. 16 Sawahan, Surabaya, East Java 60186.

That’s information about car wash services that are cheap, clean and reliable in Surabaya, East Java. You can freely choose which service is closer to your home location. Car wash services will make it easier for you to wash your car clean at a low price.