10 Advantages and Uniqueness of East Java

Speaking of East Java, of course, there will be no end. Because there are so many unique things contained in this province. The various cultural advantages and natural wealth of East Java make this area one of the fastest growing provinces. Even East Java is growing rapidly and competing with other big provinces.

In the midst of this rapid development, the area with the capital city of Surabaya still maintains local wisdom and maintains its cultural traditions. The provincial government still maintains a unique cultural tradition that may be rarely heard in other areas. In addition, the East Java Provincial Government is also improving various infrastructures in order to provide convenience and comfort to its people.

The development of this infrastructure is one of the advantages of East Java compared to the surrounding area. These infrastructure advances also increase people’s purchasing power for property in East Java. Public interest in property in this province is related to the environment which is still beautiful and the increasing value of investment in this area.

Several cities in East Java are currently even able to compete with DKI Jakarta both in terms of economy and the level of satisfaction of the people. This is certainly not an arbitrary achievement, especially now that this province is also a target for investment to increase its progress throughout the region. Behind all the rapid developments, here are 10 advantages and uniqueness of this province compared to other regions.

The advantages of East Java

House Prices In East Java Are Still Affordable

When compared to house prices in DKI Jakarta, house prices in this province are relatively more affordable. Compared to the Jabodetabek area, with a price range of Rp. 189 million, you can already have a 2 bedroom residence in Diamond Village, which is located in the city of Sidoarjo.

Compare that to the Greater Jakarta area, where prices have soared. To buy a 2 bedroom house, you have to spend more. In addition, the Sidoarjo area is also being targeted by many people, both for long-term investment and as a place to live.

Property Value in East Java Continues to Increase

In recent years, East Java is promoting massive development in a number of infrastructure sectors. The East Java Provincial Government is active in building a more modern area.

In addition, the provincial government also wants to realize the province as one of the economic centers in Indonesia. This is what makes property values in this province continue to skyrocket, even the increase has an effect on several big cities such as Surabaya and Malang.

The Capital of East Java Becomes the Top 10 Safest Cities in the World

Quoted from swa.co.id Surabaya as the capital city of East Java has been named the top 10 safest cities in the world. Why did that happen? The answer lies in the welfare of the community which is borne by the Surabaya City Government.

The Surabaya City Government provides various adequate facilities for its citizens, such as free education and health services. Even according to the Surabaya Police Chief, the municipal government provides jobs for the homeless and street artists. Thus making the crime rate decreased drastically in Surabaya.

Qualified East Java Transportation

These cities and regencies in the easternmost province of the island of Java have access to quite capable public transportation. Call it public transportation, buses, KRL, ships, and planes. Even now, the Governor, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, plans to build MRT and LRT like in the capital city of DKI Jakarta.

One of the airports in this province, namely Juanda, located in Surabaya, is the second busiest airport in East Java. Has a fairly high frequency schedule that offers direct international flights such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur.

Rapid Infrastructure Development in East Java

Infrastructure is one of the references in property development in an area. In this regard, this province is currently also actively developing infrastructure facilities that facilitate the mobility of its people.

Call it the construction of the southern crossing and the improvement of several national roads that can increase people’s comfort in driving. Not only that, the Provincial Government also plans to build more adequate health facilities in various remote areas.

The uniqueness of East Java

Earth Alms Tradition in East Java

The earth alms tradition is usually carried out in Central Java, but in East Java, especially Surabaya, it also has this tradition. Alms of the earth is a form of gratitude for the people in the Sambikarep area after receiving the abundant produce.

People who carry out this tradition will usually make a kind of cone filled with produce such as fruit and vegetables. Then, the tumpeng will be contested by many people so that residents are given an abundance of sustenance and are kept away from danger.

East Java Batik with Motif Exploration

In East Java, batik centers can be found in almost all districts and cities, both small and large scale. Each batik produced has its own characteristics, especially in terms of motifs. Usually batik craftsmen make natural motifs or other potential in the area where they live.

In contrast to Solo batik, East Javanese batik motifs are more exploratory and free. The colors presented are brighter and softer and far from dark colors like brown. There are several typical batiks, including Surabaya batik, Banyuwangi batik, Pacitan batik, Lamongan batik and Sidoarjo batik.

Kasada Rituals in East Java

The Kasada ceremony is a traditional Tenggerese holiday which is held every 14th day of the Kasada month in the Javanese calendar. This ceremony is intended as an offering to Sang Hyang Widhi and his ancestors. In practice, the Tenggerese throw various offerings in the form of fruit, vegetables, chicken, and even money into the crater of Mount Bromo.

This ceremony brings many benefits to the Tengger tribe, namely it is used as a means to ask for safety. Kasada ceremony is able to attract international tourists to watch it, so it can help income in the tourist area of Mount Bromo.

Milkfish Festival in East Java

The Milkfish Festival is usually held every year before Eid al-Fitr or in order to welcome the big day of Islam. This is done because it is an annual traditional culture of the community as well as the efforts of the Sidoarjo government to preserve milkfish.

Sidoarjo, which is located in East Java, is famous as a producer of milkfish and this can be seen from the logo of the Sidoarjo district. In the past, before the Lapindo mudflow hit, the milkfish festival did not only exhibit large milkfish, but also had a milkfish auction.

Wrestling In East Java

Okol wrestling at first glance is similar to the traditional sport of sumo from Japan. But in practice, this wrestling has a number of uniqueness and philosophical meaning in it. Okol wrestling is a traditional sport that has its roots in the people of this province, especially Surabaya.

This sport can usually be found in western Surabaya, one of the villages that still preserves this sport is the Made Village, Sambikerep District, and the City of Surabaya. This wrestling itself is a series of the implementation of the earth alms held by the local community.